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Working in the office full-time may feel like a distant memory, and with hybrid working here to stay, the vast majority of us are finding ways to transform our bedrooms and living rooms into permanent spaces for working.

We have teamed up with leading interior designers, Artspace, to give you our five top tips on how to create the perfect office space at home that all of your co-workers will be jealous of.

Distinguish a life/work balance through colour blocking

Limited on how much space you have to separate your office from your living space? Artspace recommends visually separating your work from your living area through colour blocking. Try to avoid a sharp contrast between the colours and use a colour wheel to pick your complementary colours. In this stylish show home, Artspace used a deep navy blue paint to contrast against the ivory to divide up the space and draw attention to the shelves, something that you can easily replicate at home.

Choosing the right colour for your office space is more important than you think

 When you choose the colour scheme for your office space, it is important to remember that different colours convey different meanings.

Green is a really versatile colour that represents growth and prosperity, which is ideal for improving productivity. It doesn’t have to be just one shade of green throughout the space either, you could layer it with different shades in either paintwork or furnishing. For instance, you could upcycle your old desk with an emerald green paint that stands out against a lighter shade of green chosen for the colour of the wall.

As an alternative, you can use blue – a serene and relaxing colour, particularly for those who have really fast paced and stressful jobs.

In this space, Artspace has picked out different shades of blue and introduced yellow by including the painting. As complementary colours, yellow and blue work exceptionally well together to create a modern look and make your office space feel more sophisticated. Don’t feel restricted by only one colour- it is your space to decorate.

Use decor to create the “perfect background” that you won’t feel the need to blur out on video call

 You don’t have to follow the celebs and high profile figures on the news with perfectly positioned book shelves behind your desk – there are other ways you can show off your personality too!

A great idea is introducing staggered shelves, which gives you multiple options to showcase some of your favourite items – be it your favourite book or ornament.

You can also invite artwork and print into your background, ensuring that you own the space. In this particular show home, Artspace used a geometric wallpaper as a feature wall and enhanced the green used for the paint on the walls.

Remember, this doesn’t have to be a library background…

Invite lots of light into the space

 Position your desk near a window if possible to make sure you’re getting enough natural light to boost your mood and improve your wellbeing. If you are unable to get enough natural light, then brighten the space up with lamps.

Positioning is key. In this image, Artspace has positioned the desk right in front of the window, providing not only great views, but also bringing in as much light as possible – brightening up even the most stressful of working days.

Bring the outside in with houseplants

Most importantly, remember to ‘be-leaf’ in yourself by incorporating plants in your office space!

Not only do plants increase the oxygen in your office area but it can also create a great backdrop. If you don’t have room on your desk, then add in floor plants that can also add blades of separation between your working and living space.

If you weren’t blessed with green fingers, you can swap the real plants with artificial plants. They can still look great in the backdrop of your video calls, and your co-workers won’t be able to tell the difference.


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