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About us

Building a living legacy

To reinforce our commitment to operating in a sustainable way we launched our ‘Building a Living Legacy’ (BLL) sustainability strategy in 2016. It underpins our commitment to creating places that stand the test of time and we are dedicated to making a positive long term contribution to London’s built environment. Under the strategy, we have developed a Living Legacy framework to help manage our four priority areas and supporting targets, where we believe we can have the greatest positive impact.

We were delighted to be recognised in the 2018 NextGeneration sustainable housing benchmark report as the most improved housebuilder for the second consecutive year. Our fourth place ranking (from sixth in 2017) of the UK’s 25 largest home builders also saw us receive our first Gold Level award. These achievements are testament to our commitment to sustainable and responsible house building.

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Economic, social and environmental principles are central to our business strategy and guide our day-to-day activities and actions.

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Living legacy

Designed around you

We make sure that the homes and places we create are designed for modern living. We create memorable places that you will be proud to call home, and that are exciting, relaxing and secure. We enable strong communities by helping you to get to know your neighbours and the things you’ll enjoy locally, and wherever possible to help provide facilities that promote healthy lifestyles that you keep fit and give you access to green open spaces.

Balanced resources

Greener living

In using resources efficiently our aim is to contribute to a healthy environment. We are helping to improve local air quality by using low-carbon technologies and generating renewable energy, as well as recycling the waste we create when we build your home and encourage you to use the recycling bins provided when you move in. We use water smartly when building your home and install water efficient devices in our kitchens and bathrooms which will also save you money.

Creative building solutions

Lower energy bills

Your home has been built to the highest quality and is designed to minimise your energy bill. We use a range of highly efficient technologies to keep you warm in winter and comfortable in the summer. Many of our developments have efficient on-site energy plants that help to reduce your costs and provide cleaner energy.

Smart business

Working together

To ensure that we deliver on our promises to you, we empower our employees by providing a working environment that enables them to achieve their undoubted potential. We live by our values and Building a Living Legacy is embedded into our culture which encourages good governance. By working in partnership, we maintain strong relationships with our customers and partners to enable us to create the best homes and places.