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Interior design that’s stylish, yet sustainable

As the issue of the impact our lifestyles  have on the environment becomes more prevalent, many are looking for more sustainable ways to design their home. At the same time, trends show that home-makers are also seeking out unique furnishings, and an environment that truly reflects their personal tastes.

With this in mind, we’ve asked interior designers The Hub, who specialise in British manufactured, sustainable furnishing packages, to provide us with their top tips on how to create an interior design look that’s both stylish and sustainable.

Buy local:

Where your home items are coming from can have a big impact on sustainability. If items are being shipped from afar, their transportation will require more fuel, packaging and labour – which all add up to their environmental impact. As we have seen in sectors such as cars and produce over the past few years, demand is rising for more British-made products – and this is the same in design, with more and more fantastic designers and businesses embracing home-made items.

Do your research:

Ahead of purchasing items, research the materials that the manufacturer uses. Most already know the impact of plastic on the environment and are switching to wood and sustainable materials – but it’s also worth considering the type of material used. Is the product made from a tree that is endangered, or does it require a great deal of energy in production? There are a lot of misconceptions around the sustainability of man-made materials, but many actually require less energy to create than alternatives, and they often wear better too. There is plenty of information readily available on the internet, or ask your designer or shop assistant for advice.

Keep large items neutral:

When selecting furniture for your home, consider keeping larger items neutral. Trends move quickly, and it can be tempting to throw out and re-purchase furniture as our tastes change. Consider investing in durable, neutral pieces for larger items, such as sofas and beds, and adding a new style to the room with smaller pieces such as cushions, lamps and throws. Replacing larger-ticket items less often means less waste, cost and energy – and is a more environmentally friendly way to style your home.

Get creative:

Another way to reduce waste in your interior design choices is to get creative with re-purposing old items. Many people are embracing up-cycling, and this can be a great way to create a new look and feel without having to purchase new pieces.  This can be as simple as painting an old chair or getting a new shade for a lamp, to using old pallets to create entirely new pieces such as shelving. This not only allows you to get creative, but will also reduce the environmental impact of buying new.

Hub can provide unique furniture packages at both our City North and Gallions Point developments. Visit the website https://www.interiorsbyhub.co.uk/ or Instagram page @interiorsbyhub to browse their range of British manufactured, sustainable furnishing packages.

The packages are designed by award winning interior design company, “DAPA Interiors”, who have designed the show home for our Sky Villas at City North. Follow them on Instagram @dapainteriors and visit our virtual tour of City North at www.citynorthlondon.com.

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