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Inspirational interiors for working from home

As the whole country adapts to a new way of working, our homes are no longer just our sanctuaries to escape to in the evening, but rather a multi-functioning space where you work, rest and play.

More than ever before, our homes need to be functioning spaces that meet all of our needs – offering practical living solutions as well as an inspiring environment to promote creativity and productivity. And as video meetings swiftly replace face-to-face contact; our work colleagues are increasingly invited to catch a glimpse of our personal space.

Here at Telford Homes we sell affordable, luxury homes in London finished to a high specification. But we don’t just build houses, we create homes, which work and adapt with your needs whichever stage of life you happen to be at.

We asked three of our fantastic interior designers, ArtSpace interiors (www.artspaceinteriors.co.uk), Clare Morton from Studio Morton (studiomorton.com) and DAPA Interiors (interiorsbydapa.co.uk), to provide their top tips for creating a dream home-working space you’ll actively want to show off.


Top 5 tips for creating a dream home-office:


  • Carve out a dedicated space

 Make sure you have a dedicated space for working, to ensure a clear separation between work and personal life, advise Studio Morton.  A spare room is ideal, but if you don’t have the luxury of a separate space, you can easily carve out a section of a living area to act as your work-station.

A great way to keep your work space separate from your general home space is to physically zone, according to ArtSpace.  This can be done using furniture such as shelves or bookcases as a divider, as can be seen in the show home at our Gallions Point development, where the corner of the open plan living area has been seamlessly carved out using shelving to create a small office area in the corner of the room. Setting your desk within a colour block of paint can also help the area feel different to the rest of the room – and some people even change their flooring to give the space a different feel. At Gallions point, winter garden flooring is used in the study space so it looks like a different room, without taking up any physical space with additional walls.


  1. Think about lighting

Situate your home office near a window if you can, to allow in natural light. According to Studio Morton, this will not only increase your productivity, but also allow you to look out and feel in touch with the world. If you benefit from large floor-to-ceiling windows, such as those in our City North and Gallions Point developments, set up your workspace nearby to flood the area with natural light.

If you can’t locate your desk near a window, consider investing in a floor or desk lamp to add warmth to the space.


  1. Select furniture wisely

Your furniture shouldn’t only complement the style of your home, but also be comfortable enough to avoid the dreaded back-ache that can come from long hours at a desk. Make sure your chair has the right level of support – an adjustable chair is ideal if available – and ensure your desk is the right height for your chair.


  1. Keep it simple and clutter-free

Keep out the clutter and streamline your space.  Whether you have the luxury of a separate study room or are hot desking on your dining table, less is always more for an effective and efficient working environment according to DAPA.

Use various storage solutions like shelving on the wall or under desk storage to keep your area tidy. Household items can also easily double-up as effective desk-organising items. Studio Morton advise using a tray to keep paper work and notebooks together, or a mug or glass as a pen pot. If you’re working within the living space, consider leaving a box nearby to house your office equipment. This means it can easily be unpacked and packed away to free up the area out of work hours.


  1. Add a splash of colour and personal touches

DAPA suggest thinking about injecting some colour and little luxuries into your home-working space. Energy-boosting colours such as yellow, orange and red can help you remain productive throughout the day. Consider placing pieces of art you particularly enjoy around the space – or motivational quote prints to keep you focused on your tasks.

Placing green plants around the space will not only add a dash of colour, but also increase happiness and help reduce stress, according to ArtSpace. Pick something that’s low-maintenance to care for, and read the label to avoid choosing one that grows too high. Small potted plants such as Cacti and Spider Plants are perfect to sit on your desk and bring life to the space.  Clare from Studio Morton also suggests finding a scented candle to place on your desk and light each morning to signify the start of your working day.


Follow ArtSpace interior on @artspaceinteriordesign or visit www.artspaceinteriors.co.uk for more information

Follow Clare at Studio Morton on Instagram @studiomorton. Clare is offering online Interior Design Consultations and a remote Interior Design Service, please contact clare@studiomorton.com or call 07974 267735 for more details.

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