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  • London-based designer, Rachel Battais Interiors, is providing festive decor inspiration with a newly dressed show apartment.
  • Using creativity and material readily available at home, the festive designs can be easily replicated at home.
  • Showcased in Telford Homes’ Stone Studios development, where prices start from £500,000, with a selection of apartments available on Help to Buy.

Rachel Battais is giving interior design tips for decorating homes during this festive period. With over a decade of knowledge and experience under her belt, the beautifully crafted Christmas decorations add a touch of both elegance and luxury to the space.

Using readily available materials that can be found in the home or on the high street, Rachel has dressed the apartment, located at Telford Homes’ Stone Studios development, in a way that can be easily achieved with a small budget.

Using a shallow bowl, Rachel has taken inspiration from a traditional Christmas wreath to create a stunning decoration for the living room. Fresh seasonal foliage – holly leaves and pine branches – have been shaped around the sides of the bowl with three lit candles positioned in the centre. Including candles that are different heights gives the decoration a sense of depth, and can also be complemented with a bowl that reflects the light. To avoid the wax dripping onto your surface, always make sure that the candle is placed on top of something rather than directly on the table.

Garlands are a staple piece for the home. Unlike the foliage, the garland is artificial but can be used year after year. Rachel’s two-metre garland incorporates pine cones and gold baubles with candy canes, and is lit up with the candles featured behind.

Rachel emphasises the importance of creating the perfect dining room table to enjoy a Christmas dinner with loved ones. Here, it is really important to incorporate layers. Rachel started with an eye-catching centrepiece that incorporates the fresh foliage used elsewhere in the apartment. Battery-powered warm fairy lights have been intertwined throughout the greenery, alongside a mix of tea-lights and tall candle lights to bring in height difference. Then, incorporate the colour theme that has been chosen for the rest of the space throughout the greenery

Moving out onto place settings, Rachel tied together some cinnamon sticks, foliage and candy canes and placed them on top of napkins on each plate. Using the candy canes brings a hint of red into the space, and guests can even enjoy them once the dinner is out of the way!

Creating a beautiful festive hallway that guests will notice the moment they walk in is really important to provide a festive ambiance. Using dried oranges, cinnamon sticks and star anise Rachel has created a sophisticated Christmas decoration that is carefully arranged on a gold plate next to two candles.  Not only does it look impressive, it also helps to add to the Christmas scent in the apartment – which can be enhanced by using scented candles, potpourri and even pine spray.

Within the vase of dried eucalyptus, Rachel incorporated some red berries (part of her colour scheme) to provide a festive, wintery feel, which shows how easy it is to adapt existing decorations already in the home. It is important not to overcrowd the decorations and instead group them in a different area and play around with different heights.

Stone Studios features a host of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments, as well as characterful duplexes. Prices start from £500,000.

For more information about the apartment, buyers can visit www.stonestudios.london or call 020 4502 7762

For more information about Rachel Battais Interiors, visit https://rachelbattais.com/


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