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It's a combination of a high quality product, good value for money and great
customer service. Purchaser at Bow Garden Square, E3

They communicate well and they come over as being efficient and well organised. We bought other new homes from other developers and the experience with Telford Homes was much better than some other ones and we've had 4 or 5 new homes. Purchaser at The Liberty Building, E14

They sent a monthly update during the build and photos and things. Then, they were quite flexible. I wanted to have a look at it when I was up in London. They were able to accommodate me at a time that was convenient to me. Purchaser at The Liberty Building, E14

We have bought apartments from several of the top developers, we don't go near them unless they have a great track record, my experience with Telford Homes is that they are the best that we have dealt with. Purchaser at The Liberty Building, E14

There was constant communication, updates and emails. Also, the virtual image was very helpful. When you are looking at the living room you feel you are in the living room. Purchaser at Bermondsey Works, SE16

I moved in and loved the apartment, loved the building and Telford Homes have been amazing. They took such great care of us Purchaser at Vibe, E8

So we've dealt with quite a lot of people at Telford Homes and we've bought lots of homes off plan but they've been the best ever, very responsive. Purchaser at Vibe, E8

I was pretty impressed with Telford Homes, especially Joe who was handling the after care and I don't think we've had anything that hasn't been addressed within three or four days so a big thumbs up! Purchaser at Vibe, E8

A lot of the new builds can be quite boxy and boring, whereas this is more interesting... It's great to be living in a community. Purchaser at Hackney Square, E9

It was a good process, the flat is well built and it is everything you want from a developer. Purchaser at Bermondsey Works, SE16

When you needed to ask a question, someone was always available. They always keep you updated about the progress. You always get a quick reply. Purchaser at Bermondsey Works, SE16

The communication. The regular, clear and concise contact. The process of buying and the quality of the finish. They made everything very easy. Purchaser at Bermondsey Works, SE16

The homes are very affordable and they give attention to detail and care about the customer; they were very good to deal with. Purchaser at Bermondsey Works, SE16

I have always been a fan of them and this is my 4th purchase. Purchaser at Bermondsey Works, SE16

If I have a friend looking for apartments, I would recommend them. I like the location and the quality of the apartment.The service is efficient; the entire process is smooth. Purchaser at Manhattan Plaza, E14

What is the consumer code and how does it affect buying a new home?

The NHBC has decided that it will require all of its registered builders and developers to adopt the Consumer Code with effect from 1st April 2010. This code for Home Builders came into force on the first April 2010, as a condition of registration with NHBC, which is the body who provides warranty insurance for all Telford Homes homes. The code sets mandatory requirements that all home builders must meet in their marketing and selling of homes and the after sales customer service.

The purpose of the Code is to ensure that Home Buyers are;
treated fairly;
know what service levels to expect;
are given reliable information upon which to make their decisions; and know how to access speedy, low-cost dispute-resolution arrangements if they are dissatisfied Telford Homes Plc accets and adheres to the principles and conditions of the code and are dedicated to providing the highest standard of service to our customers. To find out more information in this regard or to download a copy of the code please visit

What is involved in buying properties 'off plan'?

Telford Homes properties are normally available to reserve 'off-plan', i.e. from the earliest stage of the development cycle. Although there will be no show home to view in these circumstances, accompanied visits to the sites and to finished properties on earlier developments can usually be arranged if necessary. The main benefit of buying off-plan in the early stages is the opportunity to secure property at the most competitive price, with the guarantee that the price is fixed from exchange of contracts until completion. Any capital growth in the meantime is accrued by the buyer.

How soon do you need to get a solicitor involved in your purchase and what is the procedure up to the point of exchange.

A solicitor should be appointed at the time of a reservation being agreed with Telford Homes. Your instruction to the solicitor to act for you should be confirmed verbally and in writing and any monies required on account should be paid straight away. If you are arranging finances at this stage, make sure that you have taken advice and got a mortgage application underway. Arrangements should be made for your deposit (less reservation fee) to be transferred to your solicitor in cleared funds by the exchange due date. An appointment with your solicitor to present your proofs of identity (required by law), go through the documents and sign contracts in readiness to exchange will also be required.

What security do customers have regarding the 10% exchange deposit?

Firstly all deposits up to 10% are bonded from the moment of contract exchange under the NHBC warranty which covers all Telford Homes new properties. Secondly, the NHBC will personally inspect all homes on build completion before agreeing to issue their 'final certificate' approving the structural and finished quality and required by the council of mortgage lenders. Thirdly, buyers' solicitors will ensure that all contractual obligations (agreed before contract exchange), are fully met before transferring completion monies.

How are customers kept informed of progress towards the completion of their properties?

At the time of reservation, we will provide an anticipated completion date. As build progresses, customers will receive written updates as the programme becomes more certain. Roughly two weeks before notice to complete is served, a member of the Customer Service team will call to inform you of the anticipated date that notice will be served and to make arrangements for you to visit and inspect the property prior to notice being served. Telford Homes' solicitors will issue notice to complete upon receipt of the NHBC final certificate and legal completion will be due 10 working days thereafter. At any time between written updates, the Sales or Customer Service Departments can be contacted on 01992 809800 and will be pleased to provide a personal progress report on any specific property. Also development bulletins will be posted on the website under the customer service section.

How can customers be certain their homes are 100% ready for occupation before paying final completion monies?

Once any property is build complete and has been certified by NHBC for the Council of Mortgage Lenders, Telford Homes' solicitors will issue notice that legal completion is required in the following 10 working days. Roughly 3 weeks prior to notice being served, a member of the Customer Service team will carry out strict quality control on each property to ensure that everything is fully operational and that the standard of finish exceeds NHBC guidelines - 'viewing the property through the eyes of the customer', so to speak. The purchaser (or a nominated agent) will be contacted and invited to an accompanied visit roughly a week before notice is served to ensure that everything is satisfactory and to ensure peace of mind before legal completion.

How many times can we view the property before legal completion?

You will be invited to visit and view your property roughly a week to 10 days before notice to complete is served. This visit, known as a Pre-Completion Inspection (PCI) will give you an opportunity to inspect the final finish, be given an insight into the operations of all working equipment, as well as an understanding of the service on offer under the two year warranty period. Only one accompanied visit can be arranged for each purchaser. Access by surveyors for valuation will also be welcome but access for letting, reselling or for furniture delivery is only possible after you have legally completed on the property and have your own keys.

How early before Legal Completion can the blind fitters and interior furnishers arrange access to measure up and who do they contact to make arrangements?

We suggest that you organise for your suppliers/fitters to attend the PCI with you (see above), so that any measurements can be taken at the same time, whilst you are also present in the property. Any queries can easily be resolved at this time. Otherwise if this is not possible then your suppliers will need to visit after legal completion has taken place.

How soon can we get agents in to market the property if we decide to assign before completion?

In most instances the contract allows a purchaser to assign contracts prior to legal completion. Unfortunately, for Health & Safety reasons, no access can be given whilst the property is under construction. Agents can freely market the property once you have legally completed and have received the keys. Alternatively it can be marketed again off-plan.

How do I go about reporting any defects or problems after completion?

You will be given an opportunity to inspect your property at the Pre-Completion Inspection and any defects noted will be dealt with before Legal Completion. Once you have legally completed, you will be given another opportunity to report any problems your property: a sheet is included in your handover pack which highlights all aspects/ finishes and equipment in your property that should be inspected by you. If any defects are picked up, they should be written on the sheet and sent back to us within two weeks of Legal Completion and we will endeavour to get these issues resolved as quickly as possible. Please be thorough in your inspection process because we want to ensure that you are satisfied with the standard of finish.

Who do we contact for queries or to report defects?

For routine service needs during normal office hours (9am - 5.30pm), Telford Homes Customer Service Department can be contacted on 01992 809 800 or by emailing to report any problems or defects that you may experience in your apartments two year warranty period. Your call will be handled promptly and the details of the problem will be discussed and logged. Suitable access arrangements will then be made with the necessary trades to rectify the problems that you may be experiencing.

Will I be shown how everything in the property works?

Yes, this will be done at the Pre-Completion Inspection and again when you receive your keys on handover. We will also provide instructions/home demonstrations to your tenants if you intend renting your property out. A 'Residents Manual', together with the instruction manuals for all the mechanical and electrical equipment will be supplied to assist you with setup and trouble shooting. However we are happy to demonstrate the operations of boilers/central heating etc during PCI.

Who do I contact out-of-hours or at weekends to report a problem, whilst my property is still under warranty?

No matter how careful you are, emergencies will unfortunately happen. They can often occur when you least expect it - day or night - and you could be left wondering what to do or who to call. To cover any such unexpected circumstances, Telford Homes Plc provides every property with free 'out-of-hours' emergency cover through Homeserve for the duration of the two year warranty period. Homeserve can be contacted on 0845 1170691 outside of our office hours 9.00am - 5.30pm to report problems with plumbing, drainage and heating, electrics or security. A competent subcontractor will be deployed in accordance to the severity of the call.

What guarantees does Telford Homes give after completion and how long is the property under warranty?

Each property is covered by a two year builder's warranty as well as a 10 year NHBC structural warranty, each being activated on the day of legal completion. All defects (problems arising as a result of the build process) and breakdowns experienced must be reported to the Customer Service team during normal working hours where an agreed date will be arranged for an approved contractor to inspect and repair. Further to this, Telford Homes Plc also provides each property with a free 'out-of-hours' emergency cover through Homeserve for the duration of the two year warranty period. Plumbing, drainage, central heating, electrical and security problems can be reported to Homeserve outside of Telford Homes office hours and, depending on the severity of the problem, a contractor will be deployed to attend - at no cost to the resident. With reference to the development's communal areas - the managing agent must be notified to report any problems or defects.

What is the role of the Managing Agent for each development and what services can customers expect them to provide?

An independent managing agent is appointed for every development to manage and maintain the facilities and amenities shared communally by all apartment owners/occupants (e.g. landscaped areas, communal lighting and cleaning, lifts, buildings insurance, etc). Management charges cover the cost of these services, as detailed in the estimate provided at the time of reservation and finalised between solicitors.

How can customers provide feedback to Telford Homes on their products and services?

Following completion on any purchase, an independent market research company will either telephone or will send you a questionnaire inviting you to share your views. These will be read and acted upon by Telford Homes management and taken seriously in all cases. Apart from this, our full contact details are provided in the Contact section of this web site. Should you wish to contact us at any time, you are most welcome to do so.

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